Satellite eventsOff-site

Off-site Satellite Events

will take place on

8-9 April 2024

in various locations of Barcelona

More than 100 Satellite Events will take place in about 20 venues throughout Barcelona in the two days leading up to the Conference. The best part? All are open to the public unless specified otherwise, and you don’t need to be registered for the Conference to attend!

The events will be located in four main hubs that have a strong link to ocean science and solutions. This will allow showcasing of prominent ocean science and blue economy related venues throughout the city. Whether you are interested in panel discussions, interactive workshops or dialogues, there is something for everyone. Don’t miss out on this chance to be a part of this global movement for a sustainable future and make a difference!

For an interactive map showing the locations of off-site Satellite Events, please visit our Venues page.

Technologies in sustainable ocean observations – From low cost to new technology development

00 April 2024 00:00h Room

Many technology challenges exist when it comes to observing and monitoring the ocean. Dismantling these barriers and identifying opportunities towards achieving a mature and vibrant Ocean Observing Enterprise is the focus of this event. This event will bring together the stakeholder and scientific community, private sector, industry and policymakers to discuss and elevate the challenges and opportunities in this area. Through a brief introductory presentation and a panel, we will be discussing opportunities for low cost technologies and private sector and industry engagement in new technology development, followed by an opportunity to interact, foster connections and discuss cross collaborative efforts.

Ann-Christine Zinkann:

Strengthening the Global Ecosystem for Ocean Solutions (GEOS): A cross-regional dialogue on ocean-climate innovation

00 April 2024 00:00h Room

Coastal communities worldwide are positioned to lead the innovation of ocean-based solutions to climate change, yet opportunities for regional exchange are needed to publicize, replicate and appropriately adapt models for successful development of these solutions. This cross-regional dialogue will convene Decade Actions under Ocean Visions' Global Ecosystem for Ocean Solutions (GEOS) Programme to celebrate the establishment of regional Ocean-Climate Innovation Hubs, discuss shared challenges and solutions and advance a global ocean-climate innovation community. Featuring GEOS’s partners, the dialogue will explore how participants’ experiences can inform the replication and local adaptation of capacity development models for successful innovation of ocean-climate solutions.

Leonardo Valenzuela Pérez:

Advancing marine carbon dioxide removal for the planet we want: Exploring science and collaborative solutions in the Ocean Decade

00 April 2024 00:00h Room

Marine carbon dioxide removal’s (mCDR) great potential to mitigate climate change is increasingly recognized by scientists, governments and industry. However, significant questions remain about mCDR technologies’ efficacy and social-environmental impacts. This symposium, co-hosted by GEOMAR, Global Ocean Negative Carbon Emissions (Global-ONCE) and the Ocean Visions-UN Decade Collaborative Center for Ocean-Climate Solutions, will strengthen multidisciplinary connections within the Ocean Decade community to advance understanding of science-policy-society priorities around mCDR research and development through 2030. Featuring co-hosts' initiatives, the event will explore and invite open deliberation of the latest developments in science and governance related to mCDR’s role in Decade Challenges.

Courtney McGeachy:

Waves of Change – A youth-driven sustainable blue economy world café

00 April 2024 00:00h Room

This dynamic, world-café style event is designed to showcase the passion of diverse, youth/early-career changemakers in building a global sustainable blue economy workforce. Through a collaborative effort between African, North American and Spanish partners, the venue will replicate the casual atmosphere of a café with refreshments provided. Participants will pick a table according to their preferred language (English, French or Spanish). After a briefing by the hosts, each table will work through a series of questions. Answers will be harnessed by a graphic facilitator (visual) and a videographer (audiovisual) and the resulting two creative works will be shared digitally.

Tara Mascarenhas:

Diving from local to global ocean literacy: Exploring, sharing and developing successful practices to know, feel and join the living ocean

00 April 2024 00:00h Room

The event will share inclusive and participatory methodologies and strategies, explained as success stories by local and regional societal actors and stakeholders that promote behavioral change towards sustainability, including diagnoses, research and evaluation. Success stories encompass classical and digital arts, aquatic sports, social media influencers, blue business, traditions and rituals, ecological activism, artificial and natural intelligence, among others. The event will include a teaser video, a poster exhibition and in-person presentations. A white paper will serve for discussions on future challenges and associated solutions, for a society that recognizes the incompatibility of continuous economic growth with a limited over-exploited planet.

Maria Vittoria Marra:

Enhancing coastal resilience in the Indian Ocean: Key contributions of ocean and climate sciences to institutional capacity development as a vital solution to coastal vulnerability and climate change

00 April 2024 00:00h Room

The decision by the IOC/UNESCO Assembly to transform the IOC Regional Committee for the Central Indian Ocean into an IOC Sub-Commission for the central Indian Ocean (IOCINDIO) is a powerful recognition and celebration of the needed reinforcement of UN intergovernmental ocean science-policy platform and dialogue. The seminar brings together eminent scientists and high-level government officials from the region and beyond with the key objective to exemplify that the power of international cooperation under the umbrella of the IOC/UNESCO has completely shaped the face of ocean and climate sciences in the Indian Ocean with numerous active programmes such as the IIOE-2, IOGOOS, the Indian Ocean Research Moored Array for African-Asian-Australian Monsoon Analysis and Prediction (RAMA), the IOCINDIO Coastal Vulnerability initiatives and Networks of Ocean Sciences and Research Infrastructures for Capacity Development, several Ocean Decade related initiatives including the Decade Collaborative Centre for the Indian Ocean Region (DCC-IOR) and other DCCs (thematic), DCOs and DIPs, UNESCO Chairs and Category 2 Centres. The seminar resonates as a new vibrant call to local, national, regional governments and international partners for increased investments in “the ocean science we want” for the “ocean we want” through Decade-related initiatives.

Justin Ahanhanzo:

Blue education in action: Join and enjoy the conversation!

00 April 2024 00:00h Room

Join the blue education wave! An interactive and immersive experience with children, teachers, ocean professionals and youth to discover inspiring blue education projects, share and learn from experiences and contribute to the co-building of future blue challenges for schools... and much more to discover on-site!

Pierre Strosser:

Ocean Literacy Dialogues: Transforming our relationship with the ocean

00 April 2024 00:00h Room

The Ocean Literacy Dialogues are a set of open and participatory events that are part of the Ocean Decade Programme "Ocean Literacy with All". The purpose of these events is to assess the progress of ocean literacy worldwide through an inclusive and comprehensive approach. The aim is to offer tangible opportunities for new collaborative efforts to rethink humanity's relationship with the ocean. The event is an opportunity to expand the ocean literacy community and include different narratives and sectors of society, in order to achieve the objectives of the Ocean Decade. Decision-makers, journalists, entrepreneurs, educators, artists, indigenous peoples and youth should be engaged and share their values and how ocean literacy impacts their fields of activity.

Francesca Santoro:

The data we need for the ocean we care

00 April 2024 00:00h Room

Data collection, analysis and application are key enablers for ocean data innovation. Data integration/interoperability is needed. With input by EMODnet, Copernicus Marine and leading marine research infrastructures, Blue-Cloud is contributing to the open science transformation by an easier discovery and access of blue data, open to all to implement open science and AI. The workshop will be opened by the European Commission's Directorate-General for Research and Innovation (DG RTD) and Directorate-General Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (DG MARE). Best practices of marine data federation from the Blue-Cloud2026 and the iMAGINE European projects will be showcased. The OceanTeacher Global Academy (OTGA) and the Ocean Best Practices System (OBPS) of IOC/UNESCO will dive into the education and training needs to ensure data management practices and standards are put in place at a global level. The DITTO Programme will complement with insights from the global efforts to build awareness around the ensuring cross-regional data sharing towards the development of digital twins of the ocean.

Sara Pittonet Gaiarin:

The inclusivity we need for the ocean we want

00 April 2024 00:00h Room

We aim to identify the systemic barriers that lead to the exclusion of underrepresented groups and communities, thus preventing true inclusivity in ocean conservation and governance. On that basis, we will be able to discuss concrete ways to include and amplify the voices of underrepresented groups in high-level national and international fora, spanning from nations in the Global North and the Global South. A major outcome of this discussion is a list of joint statements and recommendations to be considered in high-level processes.

Evgeniia Kostianaia:

Elizabeth Stephenson:

Emerging technologies for climate change mitigation

00 April 2024 00:00h Room

IEEE OES, an international society, fosters partnerships for ocean-based technologies, especially for climate solutions. Emphasizing also student and early career professional participation, the event addresses the vast ocean carbon reservoir and explores carbon dioxide removal mechanisms, including natural ecosystem recovery and sargassum management as emerging technologies for climate change mitigation. Success hinges on national and international-level policy adoption and a robust regulatory framework. The side event features a panel discussing emerging technologies for climate mitigation especially focusing on carbon dioxide removal, uniting multidisciplinary perspectives.

Laura Meyer:

Life on shore: Effective marine and coastal restoration for nature and people

00 April 2024 00:00h Room

The event spotlights innovative actions and policy challenges in marine and coastal ecosystem restoration. We will bring together four large scale Atlantic research projects (Mission Atlantic, FutureMares, Ocean Citizen, and Marco-Bolo) and three groundbreaking initiatives – the Kelp Forest Challenge for global kelp forest restoration, the Africa-led Great Blue Wall initiative to restore mangroves in the Western Indian Ocean, and the grassroot NGO Hahatay addressing local impacts on Senegal’s marine ecosystems. We will showcase ongoing restoration efforts and discuss key policy challenges, aiming to raise public and policymaker awareness of new approaches for delivering effective restoration solutions for nature and people.

Patrizio Mariani:

Linking science, policy and stakeholders for a sustainable ocean

00 April 2024 00:00h Room

This event is by invitation only.

To achieve a sustainable ocean, it is vital to effectively integrate ocean science in high-level policy making and stakeholder empowerment. Coastal states need to undertake measures to safeguard the ocean environment, conserve marine and coastal ecosystems and promote sustainable coastal and marine resources. Island and coastal communities, particularly in Small Island Developing States and Least Developed Countries, face mounting challenges in dealing with marine environment degradation and climate change. The event will elaborate a new narrative for ocean science to effectively support policy and action and move towards a common understanding of the challenges in ocean science-policy-society interaction.

Peter M Haugan:

Shaping IPOS: Southern perspectives on optimizing the ocean science-policy interface

00 April 2024 00:00h Room

This event is by invitation only.

This event will comprise three sections: firstly a short presentation section commencing a brief introduction on the International Panel for Ocean Sustainability (IPOS), followed by a presentation of the preliminary results from a comparative analysis of the current global knowledge base of the social and economic pillars of ocean sustainability. The second part of the event will divide participants into two groups for two concurrent 45-minute knowledge co-construction sessions. The first group, consisting of primarily Global South transdisciplinary experts and practitioners in ocean sustainability, will provide feedback on potential pathways forward to improve and implement best practices for the global ocean knowledge base, guided by the preliminary results presented in section 1. The second group, comprising decision-makers and national delegation members, predominantly from the Global South and with several EU representatives, will compare their key needs and priorities to the early results emerging from the study, outline challenges to policy implementation, and discern the potential contributions from the collaborative co-construction efforts in order to valorize the transformative outcomes of the Ocean Decade. The second part of the event concludes with a plenary session for dialogue and debate, followed by the final section: a working cocktail dinner for continued discussions and networking.

Lucas Becquet:

Implementing a federated global ocean data and information system – What’s in it for you?

00 April 2024 00:00h Room

This event is for Conference-registered participants only.

This workshop will present the Ocean Decade Data and Information Strategy and priority actions required for its implementation. The session will provide guidance on what ocean data producers, custodians and users can do to align and implement the strategy at their own level, demonstrating benefits through use cases and examples of successful implementation. The workshop will also highlight information and resources available to Decade actors to address their data management and sharing challenges. The goal of the session is to gain commitment for the strategy implementation and to collect feedback from the audience on potential obstacles and challenges to address.

Louis Demargne:

ECOP Stories; Finding and using your voice

00 April 2024 00:00h Room

This event will bring together early career ocean professionals (ECOPs) and mid-career ocean professionals to build connections by discussing themes that emerged from Early Career Ocean Exchange (ECOE), sharing success stories and challenges that were faced throughout ocean professionals’ career journeys. We will be exploring how ocean professionals have found their voice. The first hour will feature six personal stories from diverse ECOPs who faced challenges in tackling Ocean Decade Outcomes and prevailed. The second half will feature roundtable discussions around the themes from ECOE to foster a safe space to build community and to connect with one another through shared experiences.

Gail Sant:

Ocean Futures 2030: Marine genetic resources and global benefit sharing

00 April 2024 00:00h Room

This Satellite Event looks at a set of complex global challenges for the future of the ocean: how can we best manage marine genetic resources (MGRs) and their potential for the emerging blue-green economy? How can we successfully harvest the treasures of the ocean without unsettling the ocean’s ecosystems? Benefit sharing from natural resources is a contentious issue, understood quite differently by the rich countries of the Global North and the countries of the Global South. The notion that the ocean may contain MGRs which have the pharmacological potential to cure the diseases of the world, point to shared global issues, as well as scenarios of high conflict and inequality.

Sverre Ole Dronen:

Knowledge-based climate-smart maritime spatial planning for ocean sustainable development

00 April 2024 00:00h Room

Climate-smart maritime spatial planning (MSP) should integrate international objectives: EU Green Deal, biodiversity strategies, SDGs and cooperation agreements, such as the Belem Statement. MSP must rely on multi-disciplinary research and address the science-to-policy interface in an understandable way for policy makers and the general public. Experts from six EU projects (MSP-GREEN, REGINA-MSP, MSP-OR, ReMAP, eMSP-NBSR and MSP4BIO) and Ministry of Environment (Brazil) will introduce this concept to the wider ocean research community, expanding discussions started in the MSP4BIO Science-Policy Think Tank in a moderated fishbowl conversation. A booth and the use of will enhance interaction with the public.

Cristina Cervera Núñez:

Marinez Eymael Garcia Scherer:

The European Blue Schools toward the ambitious target of UNESCO about ocean literacy in the school curricula, a dialogue promoted by the ProBleu, SHORE and BlueLightS Consortia Coalition under the EU Ocean Mission toward the Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) goal

00 April 2024 00:00h Room

The SHORE, ProBleu and BlueLightS Consortia Coalition, in collaboration with EMSEA, propose a dialogue toward a common commitment in ocean literacy engaging the Network of European Blue Schools. To bring to life the ocean literacy in school curricula by 2025 goal, the projects are promoting the European Blue Schools Statement about the direct involvement of countries of the Mediterranean, Atlantic and Baltic basins covered by them in the UNESCO goal implementation. The coalition will promote the engagement with actions of local stakeholders for a successful implementation of the IOC/UNESCO goal in the framework of the Mission and its lighthouses, contributing to the Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) objective.

Eli Bonfill:

Engaging youth under 25 in the Decade: A model of success

00 April 2024 00:00h Room

Heirs To Our Ocean (H2OO) and current members and alumni of its initiative U.S. Youth Advisory Council for the UN Ocean Decade (U.S. YAC for UNOD), as well as representatives from the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), members of the U.S. National Committee (USNC), and Ocean Decade Alliance member Fugro, will demonstrate a model of meaningful and effective engagement of youth 15-25 years of age in the Decade. The interactive workshop will inspire and equip persons who would like to organize or support a YAC for UNOD in their Member State or community.

April Peebler:

The NSF-EPF Ocean Decade Champions: Celebrating their achievements towards coastal resilience and sustainable development

00 April 2024 00:00h Room

The U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF) and Every Page Foundation (EPF), formerly the Kaleta A. Doolin Foundation, Ocean Decade Champions are women leaders at the frontiers of research and innovation in ocean and coastal science, integrating natural, social and technological processes toward a mission of coastal resilience. We celebrate their remarkable accomplishments through a panel session where attendees learn about their contributions to coastal resilience research, career paths and projects under the NSF Coastlines and People Program, an endorsed Ocean Decade Action. A networking opportunity will follow where attendees can connect with the Champions and the broader Ocean Decade community.

Carlos Martinez:

Unifying the air-sea interactions community

00 April 2024 00:00h Room

The purpose of this event, co-organized by endorsed Ocean Decade Programme Observing Air-Sea Interactions Strategy (OASIS) and the Surface Ocean Lower Atmosphere Study (SOLAS), is to make progress toward expanding the current network of air-sea communities and integrating marine technologies and modeling through a joint initiative. The event will showcase OASIS and SOLAS efforts, forge partnerships with other Decade Programmes, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing. We will align with conference goals to increase scientific knowledge, identify critical science and policy priorities, celebrate Decade accomplishments, contribute to the Ocean Decade Vision 2030, and develop research capacity and scale-up ocean action using science-based solutions.

Joan Llort:

Masha Edmondson:

Building a marine citizen science working group in Spain

00 April 2024 00:00h Room

This event is by invitation only.

This meeting will open a dialogue among experts concerning the opportunity of creating a sort of national hub to share experiences and lessons learned and avoid duplication of efforts. During the seminar will be discussed with attendees the suitability of the national coordination point and the potential nature of this, in terms of hub, working group of experts or national committee. Some best practices of already ongoing working groups or hubs (e.g. about the MSFD’s descriptors Spanish working group or the group about participation involving in all institutes and centers of the Spanish National Research Council) will be presented to give a whole picture about strengths, weaknesses and efforts embedded in a coordinated national structure for citizen science.

Vanessa Sarah Salvo:

Towards the 2030 goals: Best practices in citizen science for ocean challenges

00 April 2024 00:00h Room

The session will be divided into three different blocks dedicated to citizen science: the first block on water sports in action and DIY tools, the second block on tracking climate data in the Mediterranean, and the last block on the use of smartphones to analyze the coastline. The dialogue will focus on supporting technologies and citizen participation in the context of the Ocean Decade.

Enric Garcia Domingo:

A dialogue between stakeholders of the ocean observation community identifying common priorities and challenges to respond to 2030 global objectives. From research infrastructure to oceanographic vessels for data accessibility, accuracy and interoperability

00 April 2024 00:00h Room

This event is for Conference-registered participants only.

The workshop promotes the statement of the Metrology for Integrated Marine Management and Knowledge-Transfer Network (MINKE) in which research infrastructures, industries and scientific community and stakeholder commit to the improvement of the global ocean observing system by means of an integrated marine management and knowledge-transfer networks. Will also be addressed the conclusions about benefits and constraints of oceanographic vessels observations.

Jaume Piera:

From surviving to thriving: Combatting crimes in the fisheries sector for healthy and resilient oceans

00 April 2024 00:00h Room

The event consists of a panel discussion exploring the topic of crimes in the fisheries sector, their various impacts and the ways to combat them. This discussion is expected to foster deeper understanding of the critical link between crimes in the fisheries sector and the conservation and sustainable use of our oceans, seas and marine resources, thereby playing a pivotal role in advancing Sustainable Development Goal 14. The event also aspires to generate actionable recommendations that can guide policymakers, civil society and practitioners in their efforts to confront the complex challenges posed by crimes in the fisheries sector.

Lisa Hartevelt:

Digital Twins of the Ocean and Early Career Ocean Professionals: Leveraging ocean data networks with cloud technologies to deliver the ocean we want, today and tomorrow

00 April 2024 00:00h Room

The event will revisit existing ocean data sharing efforts across regions - including data and information management and capacity building initiatives and networks (e.g. GEOBluePlanet, Ocean Info Hub, SPINCAM) - and take stock of ongoing ocean digital twinning efforts (e.g. EDITO, ILIAD, as key components of the European Digital Twin of the Ocean) to discuss how cloud technologies can catalyze the successful delivery of Ocean Decade goals focused on accessibility to ocean information. The event is specifically geared at bringing the voice of Early Career Ocean Professionals into the ongoing global dialogue on Digital Twins of the Ocean, as future ocean leaders.

Julia Vera Prieto:

Bente Lilja Bye:

Isabela Katime:

IMBRSea-Ocean Decade Board meeting

00 April 2024 00:00h Room

This event is by invitation only.

The International Master in Marine Biological Resources, IMBRSea, is a joint programme organized by 11 leading universities in the field of ocean sciences. Although the objectives of IMBRSea are largely aligned with the goals of the Ocean Decade, the consortium aims to achieve a stronger engagement with the Decade. Therefore, the IMBRSea consortium partners decided to host a physical board meeting during the 2024 Ocean Decade Conference in Barcelona with the specific focus on reviewing our current focal points and developing further strategies to assure we are applying the science we need for the ocean we want.

Ghent University:

Empowering science, policy and society through co-design for sustainable ocean development

00 April 2024 00:00h Room

How can co-design support social inclusion and ocean sustainability? This workshop will provide a space for dialogue and learning on the importance of working across the science-policy-society interface for sustainable ocean development. Comprising inspirational examples (from different perspectives on co-design), followed by working groups, it will showcase how co-designed transformative ocean science and knowledge has contributed to sustainable ocean development. Participants will be empowered to integrate co-design across the lifecycle of their projects. They will also be eligible to apply for small pilot action grants to put the learnings of the workshop into practice over the months following.

David Whyte:

Widening opportunities for ocean exploration in the Decade

00 April 2024 00:00h Room

The 2024 Ocean Decade Conference in Barcelona provides an opportunity to raise awareness on opportunities and challenges for ocean exploration in the Decade, and the role the philanthropic fleet can play in supporting research led by scientists from different geographies globally, as well as contributions from early career researchers (ECRs) and other related professionals such as artists and educators. We will highlight the need for partnerships and identify key objectives that need be addressed as enablers of the success of the Ocean Decade in achieving its goals.

Carla Lourenço:

Digital DEPTH

00 April 2024 00:00h Room

This event is for Conference-registered participants only.

The Digital DEPTH workshop is a groundbreaking initiative that delves into the four types of deep-sea habitats: seamounts, mid-ocean ridges, continental slopes and abyssal plains. These unique ecosystems are not only essential to the planet's biodiversity but also increasingly vulnerable to human activities and global environmental changes. The Digital DEPTH is to strengthen our capacity to observe, simulate and map these deep-sea environments, ultimately fostering a harmonious balance between deep-sea conservation and sustainable development.

Pengbin Wang:

Scaling up global ocean action and innovation through intergenerational collaboration to bridge science gaps – Knowledge sharing with SIDS, LDCs, ECOPs and youth

00 April 2024 00:00h Room

This event will delve into international partnerships spanning governments, civil society and academia with announcements of future initiatives and showcasing the global work of the Ocean Decade. Through facilitated dialogue between representatives from developed and developing nations, SIDS, early career ocean professionals (ECOPs) and youth, participants will engage in intergenerational discussions, consider gaps and solutions for Decade Challenges, develop international connections and identify needs to complete Decade initiatives. Celebrating the achievements and reflecting on the challenges of Ocean Decade Actions up until now, the event aims to foster future collaborations and partnerships for more impactful Actions.

Madyson Miller:

A citizens' assembly for the Ocean Decade

00 April 2024 00:00h Room

This event is by invitation only.

The event will bring the perspectives of 40 ordinary citizens into the 2024 Ocean Decade Conference. Grounded in the 10 Ocean Decade Challenges and the priorities for knowledge and science in the coming decade, the assembly will deliberate for four hours as a pilot workshop for the upcoming Global Citizen's Dialogue on the Ocean, initiated and organized by Missions Publiques, Participaction, Consortium for Science and Policy Outcomes and

Maria Tazi:

Blue economy: Food safety and sustainability implications

00 April 2024 00:00h Room

This event is for Conference-registered participants only.

The event comprises a series of inspiring talks on different facets of the blue economy including: (1) implications on seafood safety and human health; (2) environmental and animal welfare implications; and (3) societal views and approaches toward food from the ocean. These flash talks (in a “pint of science”-like format bringing together expert lectures and the audience in an informal and accessible way) will set the scene and stimulate an open dialogue and interactive exchange with a variety of stakeholders. Such dialogues will be facilitated by professionals. This dialogue event will be set in the context of a cooking show of food from the ocean, followed by a networking and content-delivering cocktail.

Angelo Maggiore:

Unlocking ocean opportunities: Bridging conservation with community access through the 'Seas Without Plastic' campaign and the Lalla Hasnaa Sustainable Coastline Awards

00 April 2024 00:00h Room

The event will combine the “Seas_without_Plastic” campaign with the Lalla Hasnaa Sustainable Coastline Awards, both initiatives of the Mohammed VI Foundation for Environmental Protection, chaired by HRH Lalla Hasnaa, Patron of the Ocean Decade Alliance. These programmes encapsulate a holistic and integrated approach, innovatively and proactively addressing the challenges of marine and coastal conservation. By adopting inclusive strategies, these initiatives aim to enhance ocean conservation efforts, engaging a broad spectrum of stakeholders through an effective modus operandi, thus fostering widespread awareness and collective action.

Sami El Iklil:

GOOS Regional Alliance Forum XI

00 April 2024 00:00h Room

This event is for Conference-registered participants only.

The 11th GOOS Regional Alliance Forum (GRF-XI) represents an opportunity to engage in person with experts and partners, and underscore the contributions of GOOS Regional Alliances (GRAs) and observing system partners to GOOS and the Ocean Decade. The key objectives are to: discuss the progress and challenges of the GRAs over the last two to three years; examine and explore how GRAs are engaged and contributing to the Ocean Decade, the GOOS Strategy 2030, the GOOS Programmes/projects and other GOOS initiatives; discuss strategies to strengthen and revitalize GRAs and improve how they deliver data, products and services to the benefit of partners and users; discuss how GRAs can engage more effectively with other GOOS structures, panels and GOOS National Focal Points, SIDS, Africa, as well as the private sector and industries; discuss and agree on GRA priorities, actions and leadership (Chair and Vice-Chairs) for the next two years.

Denis Chang Seng:

Emily Smith:

Ocean-based solutions to mitigate climate change impacts with Africa as a demonstration

00 April 2024 00:00h Room

The workshop will be hosted by the Ocean to climate Seamless Forecasting system (OSF) Programme together with its partners, harnessing the collaborative efforts within the framework of the Ocean Decade to advance understanding and prediction of the ocean-climate nexus. It seeks to showcase main achievements from 2021 to 2024, build capacity, foster dialogue and promote cooperation among diverse stakeholders in the pursuit of ocean-based solutions for climate change, by highlighting cutting-edge advancements such as low-cost ocean and climate observation technology and new generation ocean and climate models.

Shizhu Wang:

Ocean literacy and marine science partnerships for global cooperation

00 April 2024 00:00h Room

Join us for an impactful satellite event organized collaboratively by RELATO, the Lusophone Ocean Decade Hub, and AMEA. This 150-minute session is divided into two parts. The first delves into regional ocean cooperation and best practices in ocean literacy, featuring two presenters from each organization, followed by integrated discussions. The second part spotlights youth engagement, with two young participants from each group sharing insights on raising public awareness of Ocean Decade Challenges.

Ray Yen:

What is the ocean we want? SmartNet Global Survey to understand perspectives on Ocean Decade Outcomes

00 April 2024 00:00h Room

There are three main elements to this Satellite Event. The first is to introduce the activities of "SmartNet"; the second is to report, share and solicit input on the results of the Global Survey pilot study and hear attendees' opinions; and the third is to hold a scoping panel to discuss future activities that build off of the results of the Global Survey, expand our networks and share capacity.

Mitsutaku Makino:

Human Oceans: Where the past guides the future: The tangible and intangible cultural heritage of the seas, tackling hidden threats and embracing potentials

00 April 2024 00:00h Room

The underwater and coastal cultural heritage plays a crucial role in realizing the key objectives of the Ocean Decade. Cultural heritage research provides a unique dataset, offering profound insights into how past societies adapted to changing environments, the impacts of climate change and the sustainable management of marine resources and ecosystems. The study of heritage enables scientists to access the world's collective memory, helping society interpret its past for the present and find inspiration in the ocean. However, this heritage also faces threats and, at times, poses risks itself. Dredging, trawling, sea-level rise and looting are among the numerous stressors jeopardizing our shared cultural heritage. In regions affected by WWII, many sites moreover conceal large volumes of hazardous fuel that, if released, threaten the biodiversity and economy of the local area. Therefore, it is crucial to inventory, protect, assess and, if necessary, remediate the sites hidden in the depths of our ocean. Untapped potentials exist, whether for tourism, education, or general well-being. Particularly for Indigenous communities, autochthonous groups and Small Island Developing States, both tangible underwater and intangible ocean heritage form a vital part of their identity. These heritage elements also present opportunities for tourism access. In this event, experts will share scientific approaches, allow for networking and give insights in new developments.

Ulrike Guerin:

Meeting of Ocean Decade Implementing Partners

00 April 2024 00:00h Room

This event is by invitation only.

Closed working group meeting to discuss issues pertinent to Decade Implementing Partners.

Meeting of Ocean Decade Collaborative Centres and Coordination Offices

00 April 2024 00:00h Room

This event is by invitation only.

Closed working group meeting to discuss issues pertinent to Decade Collaborative Centres and Decade Coordination Offices.

Promoting a healthy and sustainable marine ecosystem along the coastal regions by developing observing and modelling systems

00 April 2024 00:00h Room

The Ocean Decade endorsed Project 'Mitigation of Natural Incidence Toward increased Oceanic Resilience (MoNITOR)' is focused on implementing observational resources and developing coupled numerical prediction systems that integrate physical and ecological processes. The aim is to enhance the security and resilience of coastal countries, improving the sustainable development of marine environment and ecosystem. Over the past year, significant progress has been achieved in terms of expanding observational assets and forecasting systems, which contribute to the prevention of marine natural disasters and the enhancement of coastal resilience. One notable accomplishment is the ongoing virtual training course, delivered by global experts, striving to ensure that no one is left behind. This workshop serves as a collaborative platform for participants to share their progress, experiences, challenges and success stories related to the Decade. The primary focus is on enhancing the capability of marine observation and prediction in coastal countries. Through the utilization of a physical ecological coupling model and a high-precision ecological environment operational numerical prediction system, we have conducted multi-scale research on marine physical and ecological processes. This research has deepened our understanding of marine dynamic processes and empowered us to implement solutions to address these threats at various ecological and socio-economic levels.

Yuntao Wang:

International workshop on co-design of the Global Estuaries Monitoring (GEM) Programme

00 April 2024 00:00h Room

This Satellite Event will serve as an affiliated activity of the Ocean Decade 'Global Estuaries Monitoring (GEM)' Programme. It will provide a platform for partners and potential partners of the GEM Programme to learn about its latest progress and achievements, co-create potential collaborative projects and action plans for the next phase of the GEM Programme and explore solutions for combating estuary and marine pollution problems worldwide. The workshop will consist of three sessions: (1) update of the progress of the GEM Programme by invited speakers; (2) co-design of collaborative projects for the next phase of GEM via a moderated brainstorming discussion; and (3) exploration of practical solutions to combat chemical pollution of the world’s estuaries.

Kenneth Leung:

Raising to the Ocean Decade Challenges: A regional and city perspective

00 April 2024 00:00h Room

The Satellite Event will have the subsequent debates: (1) Blue Economy, a sea of opportunities; (2) The role of science in the maritime agenda of Catalonia; (3) From science to market in Barcelona’s Blue Economy; and (4) Innovative initiatives for integrated coastal management (‘Resilience of urban marine ecosystems, a dialogue between two decades’, and ‘Maritime co-management of the Baix Empordà coastline – Catalonia’). At the end, synthetic closing remarks will be followed by one of these visit options: (1) Transformation project of the Olympic Port; (2) Facilities of the Institute of Marine Sciences (ICM-CSIC); or (3) Guided observation of the Barcelona coastline front.

Pep Hurtado:

Gathering forces for science-policy nexus, innovation, and funding

00 April 2024 00:00h Room

This Satellite Event will provide a dynamic platform for participants to engage with leading experts to foster collaborative and innovative solutions for positive change, and to illustrate some barriers found for Early Career Ocean Professionals (ECOPs) to find entry-points into the science-to-policy interface. A diverse array of speakers, including policymakers, scientists, innovators and industry leaders, will provide multifaceted insights. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn from experts leading to valuable insights and connections. Our event will discuss science-policy nexus, innovation and funding, and will bring subject matter experts and industry leaders to explore topics through structured panels and back-and-forth conversations.

Evgeniia Kostianaia:

Mariana Caldeira:

Enbluement: Connecting science and arts to expand our belonging to the ocean

00 April 2024 00:00h Room

This two-part event will explore new ways towards harmony with nature, expanding the scientific approach through sensory and artistic perceptions and interactions. Part 1 of the Satellite Event will be a workshop for registered participants and Part 2 will be a participatory sensory experience open to all public. In Part 1, artists and influencers will share ideas and experiences on how to raise general awareness on the essential role of the ocean in the living planet. In Part 2, these ideas will shape out as a sensory participative and inclusive celebration in Barcelona’s Charles Darwin Square, through a 90-minute choreography of music, silence, image, motion and design.

Josep Lluís Pelegrí:

New approaches to combat eutrophication and hypoxia

00 April 2024 00:00h Room

Oxygen dissolved in seawater supports the largest ecosystems on the planet. It is alarming that the ocean is losing oxygen, termed ocean deoxygenation, at a rapid rate, primarily due to global warming by anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions and pollution by nutrients and organic wastes, particularly in coastal waters. This Satellite Event will provide a platform to present new approaches to combat hypoxia through co-designed action with actors causing eutrophication on the coast and on land. The panel will showcase how international collaboration among the GEF, UN agencies, development banks, NGOs, the scientific community, ministries and municipalities can support curbing hypoxia in coastal zones.

Kirsten Isensee:

Financing blue carbon: Opportunities to scale conservation and restoration of blue carbon ecosystems

00 April 2024 00:00h Room

This event is for Conference-registered participants only.

The conservation and restoration of blue carbon ecosystems have received increasing attention as a natural climate solution for carbon mitigation. This workshop, co-hosted by Verra and Forest Foundation, will provide information on available opportunities to mobilize finance to scale blue carbon activities, including carbon finance. Verra develops and manages the world’s leading standards for climate action and sustainable development. This workshop will review voluntary carbon market concepts and VCS Program methodologies that quantify the GHG benefits of conservation and restoration activities for carbon finance in coastal ecosystems, highlighting Forest Foundation’s experience as a public institution managing blue carbon ecosystems in Brazil.

Kimberly Lewtas:

Restoring European seas: sustainable fisheries management and deep-sea ecosystems

00 April 2024 00:00h Room

The Satellite Event will highlight insights and accomplishments from diverse stakeholders, emphasizing two vital facets of ocean health: sustainable fisheries management and deep-sea restoration. A featured workshop will showcase Project MedPath, illustrating how various initiatives have positively impacted fisheries management in the Mediterranean. Additionally, representatives from deep-sea restoration projects – H2030 REDRESS, LIFE Lophelia, LIFE DREAM, and LIFE ECOREST – will share their experiences. The event will conclude with a panel discussion exploring how these projects can contribute to enhancing ecosystem functioning in European waters, addressing science-based fisheries management and deep-sea restoration.

Jordi Grinyó Andreu:

Advancing a biodiversity-positive offshore renewable energy transition

00 April 2024 00:00h Room

Due to the growing use of marine space and associated environmental pressures, a holistic multi-objective approach to planning and managing our ocean is required. This includes delivering Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) projects that support both climate and biodiversity goals. To this end, the UN Global Compact, Ørsted and The Nature Conservancy convened a workshop series with a multi-sector group of stakeholders to establish requirements to deliver ORE with net-positive biodiversity impact. The results of this work, its relevance to Ocean Decade biodiversity objectives and programmes, and how to drive global action on it will be discussed in this event.

Amy Finlayson:

David Millar:

Connecting the world around ocean prediction: A vision for the Decade and beyond

00 April 2024 00:00h Room

This event aims to catalyze action and facilitate collaborations to effectively respond to evolving ocean conditions, aligning with the “Predicted Ocean” objective of the Ocean Decade. Throughout this event, the OceanPrediction Decade Collaborative Center (DCC) will convene stakeholders in ocean forecasting and applications to deliberate on the future of ocean prediction. Panels will delve into OceanPrediction DCC objectives and initiatives, as well as innovations and advancements in ocean forecasting. As an integral part of the Ocean Decade initiative, the OceanPrediction DCC offers a global platform for all stakeholders, fostering dialogue and encouraging innovation in the realm of digital ocean solutions.

Enrique Alvarez Fanjul:

Presenting the ‘Transdisciplinary Toolbox for Transformative Ocean Governance’

00 April 2024 00:00h Room

This Satellite Event presents the Transdisciplinary Toolbox for Transformative Ocean Governance developed by the One Ocean Hub and a dialogue forum hosted by the One Ocean Hub and Cardiff University and Marine Social Sciences Network, alongside a theatre performance by the Hub’s partners, the Emphateatre. The event will open with a panel introducing the One Ocean Hub’s knowledge integration work, followed by the Empatheatre performance, concluding in a dialogue forum where Dr Emma McKinley will present the work of the Marine Social Sciences Network, and lead the conversation about the transformative ocean governance alongside Hub’s director, Professor Elisa Morgera.

Milica Prokic:

Challenges of the Ocean Decade – The view from the next generation of ocean experts

00 April 2024 00:00h Room

This event is by invitation only.

This event will create a discussion around specific subject of the Ocean Decade Challenges between students on marine sciences from different universities. Two selected professionals with a successful career in marine sustainability will dynamize the discussion. Specific targets are: (i) promoting awareness of the Ocean Decade within the future generations of ocean experts; (ii) stimulating the interaction between students from different universities; (iii) articulating a dialogue around subjects within the “10 Challenges” chosen according to the students interest; (iv) bringing the opportunity for a close interaction between students and reference experts in the field of marine sustainability.

Isabel Cacho:

Joining forces in Latin America: Intergenerationality and inclusivity for an ocean literate society

00 April 2024 00:00h Room

This event will show the greatest achievements on the integration of science and marine education in different Latin American countries; sharing experiences on how education creates the changes that we need to face the Ocean Decade Challenges, and promoting the creation of a network of new allies with more diverse, intergenerational and inclusive initiatives. We will present case studies from different Latin American countries where the scientific results are translated to the coastal communities, successfully engaging stakeholders into ocean conservation; and the efforts led primarily by these female initiatives involved in non-formal education activities and programmes, demonstrating that the connection between the pursuit of quality education (SDG 4) is evident in facing the climate crisis (SDG 13) through blue actions and knowledge (SDG 14) with an indisputable female face (SDG 5).

Ilena Zanella:

Jacqueline González-Garcés:

Global awareness, research activities and network to address ocean microplastic pollution

00 April 2024 00:00h Room

This Satellite Event aims at increasing the awareness about plastic pollution providing new insights, knowledge and solutions. It will offer a platform to share recent scientific findings, discuss international initiatives to build capacity around the world (such as the IAEA NUTEC initiative) or inform policy-makers about (such as the policy brief from the North Atlantic Microplastic Centre), and exchange on successful examples of how research is contributing to implementing ocean protection by effective input to large intergovernmental organizations such as the UN and EU (e.g. preparation to the Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee on Plastic pollution).

Alessio Gomiero:

Marc Metian:

Catalyzing source-to-sea synergies towards healthy rivers and a healthy ocean

00 April 2024 00:00h Room

Join us for the interdisciplinary event connecting source-to-sea action and science. Learn from and engage with a diverse group of experts working to bridge the knowledge gaps between land, water and ocean, developing holistic solutions that accelerate action to counter climate change, pollution and biodiversity loss. Experts will showcase how Ocean Decade Programmes, such as Healthy Rivers Healthy Ocean (HRHO) and Ocean Acidification Research for Sustainability (OARS), address multiple pressures and support source-to-sea initiatives that bring together science and policy. Organzsed by the Stockholm International Water Institute, Plymouth Marine Laboratory, the Global Water Partnership and IOC/UNESCO.

Dana Dedeck:

Communications Symposium

00 April 2024 00:00h Room

This event is by invitation only.

The symposium will support the development of ocean-climate communication best practice guidelines and associated resources as part of the Project ‘Advancing Strategic Ocean Communication‘. It will be a place to meet fellow communications professionals from across the world, and to exchange experience and expertise.

Learn more about the Project ‘Advancing Strategic Ocean Communications’

Natalie Hart:

Dialogue for building bridges between intersectional gender equality and ocean science: A multidisciplinary and multisectoral approach

00 April 2024 00:00h Room

The event aims to be an open space for multidisciplinary and multi-sectoral dialogue aimed at contributing to the definition of a joint vision of "the science we need for the ocean we want" from a gender perspective. How to improve gender equality and women's empowerment in ocean science and ocean-related activities, and how to include the gender dimension in the production of knowledge in marine research will be discussed. It will be a space to recognize and make visible the contribution of women to the knowledge and sustainability of the ocean. The conclusions of the event, turned into recommendations, will be provided to key actors in policy making and research.

Silvia Donoso López:

Unveiling the role of G20 in the implementation and legacy of the Ocean Decade

00 April 2024 00:00h Room

The panel will convene a diverse array of stakeholders, such as scientists, civil society and policymakers, to explore the interplay between the goals, expected outcomes, and challenges set forth by the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (Ocean Decade) and the G20 process. It aims to shed light on the role the previous, current and future G20 Troikas have in supporting the Ocean Decade implementation and building its legacy.

Alexander Turra:

Integrating Indigenous and youth views with ocean science for ocean people planet

00 April 2024 00:00h Room

The current global crisis facing ocean ecosystems, characterized by ongoing damage and looming threats, stems largely from Western philosophy and business practices. To effectively address this issue, it is crucial that our efforts to preserve the ocean and the planet extend beyond Western solutions. The integration of traditional knowledge systems with Western science is essential – blending insights from future generations, combining reliable observations, rigorous testing, innovative approaches, and a philosophical connection to nature. This holistic approach ensures a more comprehensive understanding and effective solutions for current environmental challenges. We advocate for the inclusion of Indigenous and youth viewpoints at the 2024 Ocean Decade Conference through a panel of Indigenous and youth leaders hosted by the Blue Climate Initiative and Sustainable Ocean Alliance.

Jeanne Everett:

Jessica Newfield:

UN Decade Action Programme - “Nutrient Pollution - Global Action Network (NP-GAN)”

00 April 2024 00:00h Room

This event will bring together global partners who have aligned priorities to eliminate nutrient pollution under our endorsed Ocean Decade Action - Nutrient Pollution - Global Action Network (NP-GAN). Our first ambition is to standardize approaches and explore the interactions between science and policy to improve, mitigate and reduce marine pollution to deliver on the ambitions of the Ocean Decade. We will share best practices and celebrate where positive outcomes have been achieved for the reduction of nutrient pollution. We will discuss options on the acceleration of holistic approaches to managing our land to seascape for restoration and protection of our ocean systems.

Michelle Jillian Devlin:

Cities with the Ocean – Ocean science for the sustainable development of coastal cities and ports

00 April 2024 00:00h Room

This event is for Conference-registered participants only.

The Satellite Event will highlight the deep connection between coastal cities and the ocean, and how coastal cities and ports can use ocean science to take action to protect the ocean and adapt to global change, for the benefit of their inhabitants and local stakeholders. The event will kick-start the new “Cities with the Ocean” platform within the Ocean Decade to facilitate global collaboration in this domain. Built as a dialogue between coastal cities, ports and ocean science, the event will connect various initiatives around the world to promote a strong and sustainable connection between coastal cities and the ocean, catalyze synergies and innovation, share experience and discuss the future, inspire and empower cities and stakeholders.

Olivier Dufourneaud:

Harm in the Water screening

00 April 2024 00:00h Room

This event will be a panel discussion along with a viewing of the documentary Harm in the Water. The event will be no more than 90 minutes. The panel will be comprised of leadership from Black in Marine Science.

Tiara Moore:

Sea turtles as sentinels of marine pollution: Expanding the ecotoxicological toolbox

00 April 2024 00:00h Room

In this event, we hope to establish a collaborative network between experts on the ecotoxicology field to improve understanding of the effect of marine pollutants on loggerhead sea turtles. We connect experts working in sea turtle conservation to others from the marine ecotoxicology field. A series of short talks by various speakers and discussions will deal with: (1) the current conservation status of loggerhead turtles in the Mediterranean; (2) the current state-of-the-field with regards to how pollutants may affect turtle’s health; and (3) emerging ecotoxicological tools that could help to consolidate turtles as a “sentinel species” in the Mediterranean Sea.

Montserrat Solé Rovira:

Capacity development for the ocean we want: Exploring science communication and solving global capacity development challenges

00 April 2024 00:00h Room

This Satellite Event strives to find innovative and efficient solutions to address specific challenges related to capacity development/sharing. By ensuring an inclusive, international and intersectoral atmosphere, we aim for an impactful and meaningful event that will inform further development of the Ocean Decade by supplying concrete suggestions for further capacity development. The mini-hackathon will be designed to be interactive and action-oriented, with a focus on providing Early Career Ocean Professionals with opportunities to develop practical skills and tools that they can use in their careers, through solving ‘real world’ challenges.

Evgeniia Kostianaia:

Financing nature-based solutions for a sustainable blue economy

00 April 2024 00:00h Room

One of the major challenges for financing nature-based solutions (NBS) is that the benefits derived from projects are difficult to cash in. Organized by members of NetworkNature+ Taskforce 3 on financing and business models for NBS in a nature-positive economy, the event will: (1) discuss ongoing projects, such as Invest4Nature, C-FAARER, GoNaturePositive, and share emerging concepts and initial findings from the financing of coastal and marine related NBS; and (2) hold a panel dialogue with private sectors, public sectors, institutional investors, business clusters and academics to discuss the challenges and breakthroughs associated with private and blended blue financing for NBS.

Wenting Chen:

Bridging ocean research and policy agenda for sustainable and resilient blue tourism

00 April 2024 00:00h Room

Inadequately-managed tourism poses a significant threat to marine and coastal ecosystems. Touristic areas also often experience high seasonality patterns, placing pressure on already fragile ecosystems. Alternatively, more sustainable and inclusive tourism models can offer substantial opportunities for enhancing local livelihoods, preserving vulnerable ecosystems and supporting environmental conservation/stewardship and resilient socio-economic development. The proposed event serves as an open forum for sharing on-going blue tourism research, policy or governance initiatives, experiences and knowledge. The event aims to foster multi-stakeholders dialogue on enhancing the sustainability of coastal and marine tourism and contribute to bridge the gaps between science, policy and practices.

Angelo Sciacca:

V.ECOP Days 2024

00 April 2024 00:00h Room

The Virtual Early Career Ocean Professional (V.ECOP) Day is a unique livestream event showcasing testimonials of change in applying science to ocean sustainability from ECOPs from around the world. It is hosted by and for young professionals as a contribution to the Ocean Decade. Organized by the German Marine Research Consortium and supported by the Global ECOP Programme, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, IOC/UNESCO, the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, WIOMSA and UPC, V.ECOP Days 2024 will bridge a global virtual community with the Ocean Decade Conference in Barcelona from 9-11 April 2024.

Jella Kandziora:

World Tuna Cities Alliance, to promote the sustainability of the sector at a global level

00 April 2024 00:00h Room

Organized by the Bermeo Tuna World Capital, the Satellite Event will be a dialogue with the first World Tuna Cities Alliance, who signed a pioneering agreement that brings together a total of 6 cities around the world whose economic and social axis is tuna. Recently created at the Bermeo Tuna Forum, an international forum about integral sustainability in the tuna sector, we presented our proposal for the International Declaration for Tuna Sustainability, an agreement that the cities will work on, from local to global, to contribute to making the tuna sector fairer and more sustainable in the future. We will finish with a sustainable tuna tasting in collaboration with ALAKRANA (Echebastar).

Leire Egiarte:

Ocean Decade MPA Forum: Progress, obstacles and solutions

00 April 2024 00:00h Room

Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) are the lynchpin of ocean conservation. As we move towards our target of effectively protecting 30% of the world’s ocean by 2030, we need to focus more on the “effectively” part of the equation. This forum, hosted by a myriad of organizations working across the globe, will take the form of a hybrid workshop-symposium, and will explore four cross-cutting themes over the two days: (1) What seemingly insurmountable obstacles are we facing?; (2) What best practices have we developed to ensure effective implementation of existing MPAs?; (3) What solutions to obstacles have we found that may be useful to other areas?; and (4) How can we scale up and mutually strengthen our projects, and how can we maintain the momentum of community engagement?

Alex Hearn:

Conservation and protection of the oceans. A shared responsibility

00 April 2024 00:00h Room

This session within the Ocean Decade framework aims to foster a collaborative ecosystem for sustainable practices and innovations in the blue economy. Objectives include showcasing innovative projects and investment opportunities, highlighting successful solutions to Ocean Decade challenges, and promoting collaboration across sectors. Expected outcomes encompass raising awareness of ocean challenges, presenting diverse blue economy initiatives, and enhancing stakeholder networks for collective problem-solving.

Rosina Motilla:

Beyond the Blue: Connecting actions and voices for positive ocean change (Dialogue)

00 April 2024 00:00h Room

This event is by invitation only.

Many ocean non-profit organizations, activists, politicians and researchers contribute significantly to pressing marine issues and conservation efforts, yet they are often disconnected from high-level discussions and from each other. This Satellite Event aims to bridge these gaps through collaboration and celebration. Come join us for a dialogue on marine conservation challenges and the role of the young generations, followed by a reception to deepen connections and solutions.

Learn more about the Satellite Event

Berta Felipe:

Beyond the Blue: Connecting actions and voices for positive ocean change (Beach cleanup)

00 April 2024 00:00h Room

This event is by invitation only.

Many ocean non-profit organizations, activists, politicians and researchers contribute significantly to pressing marine issues and conservation efforts, yet they are often disconnected from high-level discussions and from each other. This Satellite Event aims to bridge these gaps through collaboration and celebration. Come join us for a beach cleanup followed by dancing for the ocean.

Learn more about the Satellite Event

Berta Felipe:

Science/Industry partnerships for data collection and sharing (SMART Ocean – SMART Industries)

00 April 2024 00:00h Room

The workshop will develop a greater understanding/involvement of the science community regarding the value, benefits, opportunities and practice of collaborating with industry on data collection: (1) SO-SI program of engaging companies with vessels/platforms to host or deploy instruments to collect data; (2) opportunities, benefits and challenges to industry involvement in data collection; (3) role and interaction between science and industry in data collection; (4) case studies of science/industry collaboration in data collection; (5) best practices and tools for optimally engaging science community collaboration with industry on data collection; and (6) input from the science community on needs, issues, concerns and opportunities for industry data collection.

Paul Holthus:

Monitoring the ocean: Panel discussion

00 April 2024 00:00h Room

The objective of the proposed Satellite Event is to draw the attention of policymakers to the need for high-resolution satellite observations and continued in situ observations for monitoring the ocean health and its impact on the Earth system, by inviting them to join a panel discussion of experts coming from different fields of climate and marine science, from oceanographers and climate modelers to high performance computing experts and adaptation experts.

Cristina González-Haro:

Looking for a blue, brighter future under the Ocean Decade – An interactive dialogue

00 April 2024 00:00h Room

Co-lead by the Nippon Foundation-University of Edinburgh Ocean Voices Programme and Women in Blue: Gender for ocean sustainability, this session aims to stimulate the engagement between attendants and guests in discussing challenges, opportunities and tools to support the enhancement of women in ocean-related careers. The session will briefly present a new initiative on the interface of ocean and gender, present the results of an assessment exercise and invite the audience for a dialogue. Finally, the session will focus on discussing the attendants’ perception of the role of the Ocean Decade in supporting women in different career stages.

Maila Guilhon:

The Ocean Decade from a national perspective: What does success look like?

00 April 2024 00:00h Room

This event is by invitation only.

The Ocean Decade is supported by National Decade Committees (NDCs), “voluntary, inclusive, multi-stakeholder platforms set up to coordinate, support and increase a country’s participation in the Ocean Decade by mobilizing the whole ocean community at the national level”. This event will bring together NDC representatives to: (1) discuss operational and strategic issues such as how the NDCs can support transformational change at the national level (management, funding of ocean science and its connection with policy and society); (2) hear from NDCs in order to share best practice (including how challenges have been addressed); and (3) identify support / next steps for action for NDCs.

Matthew Frost:

Barcelona Blue Innovation Showcase

00 April 2024 00:00h Room

This event is by invitation only.

An evening event bringing together sustainable ocean innovators and entrepreneurs with investors, policy-makers and ocean scientists to demonstrate the power of Barcelona’s emerging blue innovation landscape to unlock the blue economy’s triple bottom line of people, planet and profit.

Ben Lesage:

Beyond climate change – Sustained observation for the blue economy

00 April 2024 00:00h Room

This workshop, co-hosted by several experts, goes beyond one-off efforts to explore the critical role of continuous ocean observation focusing on three key themes: (1) data-driven decision-making: exploring how ocean data enhances sustainable resource management and the blue economy. Strategies for effective data integration will be shared; (2) public-private synergy: highlighting collaboration between sectors for continuous ocean observation and blue growth; and (3) global collaboration: sharing best practices and tech advancements for international cooperation in ocean observation. Join us to advance continuous observation for a prosperous blue economy. This workshop serves as a vital forum during the Ocean Decade, guiding us toward a thriving future.

Sara Granchinho:


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